> > * Alex Harsanyi's start-up time is due to run-time (phase 0) initialisation 
> > code in the required libraries, including things like (define v 
> > costly-expression), which look like they could be saved as constants, but 
> > actually involve running the expression.
> I actively try to avoid this case and I believe the program has little or no 
> such code anymore.  However, even when I removed such cases, it did not seem 
> to make much difference.  Racket code actually runs fast.

Just a quick clarification: I meant that such initialisation code may be 
present in the libraries that you require, not in your own code (and so you do 
not have much control over this, unless you start modifying the libraries).

> > * If Alex Harsanyi's code uses dynamic-require or eval, the phase 1 
> > initialisation code of the required libraries is executed when eval or 
> > dynamic-require are first invoked.
> The code does not use any of those things.  Also, apart from 3 macros dealing 
> with baking in some API KEYS at compile time, there are no uses of 
> `define-syntax` and friends.

Again, there could be some use of eval within library code, or in code 
generated by library macros, even if there is no direct use of eval in your 

Nice application, by the way :)

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