At Thu, 27 Apr 2017 23:07:01 -0700 (PDT), Alex Harsanyi wrote:
> > * The size of the bytecode does matter (and switching to Chez scheme's 
> run-time could hopefully improve that)
> All the .zo files put together are about 4Mb.  I'm not sure if this is big or 
> not?

4MB is not big. But your program pulls in `framework`, `plot`, and
`math` (which is used by `plot`, anyway), which all have to be loaded
and involve lots of bytecode.

> What I'm wondering is if class definition actually runs some code when a 
> module is required, like the code below:
>     (define my-class% 
>        (class object% (init) (super-new)
>           (define/public (say-hello) (printf "hello~%"))))

Yes, constructing the class does take some work, but it's unlikely to
be a noticeable amount of work.

I notice that your code calls `running-stickman-icon` on startup, which
takes about 2 seconds on my machine. Meanwhile, just loading
`plot`+`math`+`framework` takes about 2.5 seconds. Maybe there are some
other slow-to-load libraries, and then maybe improving code-loading
times in Racket will help for your application.

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