At Thu, 27 Apr 2017 11:47:41 -0700 (PDT), Dupéron Georges wrote:
> If I understand correctly, [...]

Yes, that all looks right.

> It would be nice to find a way to detect what code gets executed when
> a module is required, at the various meta-levels. Maybe running raco
> cover on an empty file containing only (require some-module) could
> help?

Yes, that sounds helpful. The module loader should log events about
module loading an instantiation at various phases, and then a tool
could put that information in a readable format. I'll add that to my
"to do" list for the new expander.

> I'm not sure how submodules fit in this picture (the main concerns being the 
> test submodule, and the doc submodule for literate programs).

Submodules differ from top-level modules only in that compiling a
module from source implies compiling its submodules, even if you do not
run the submodules. In compiled form, however, submodule bytecode is
loaded or not independent of other modules, so the existence of a
`test` or `doc` submodule does not affect the time required to load the
enclosing module by itself.

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