>> On Oct 24, 2017, at 2:27 AM, Jay McCarthy <jay.mccar...@gmail.com 
>> <mailto:jay.mccar...@gmail.com>> wrote:
>> You do `raco pkg config --set git-checkout-credentials user:password`
>> and then it will work.

Sorry but I'm still stuck here. 

I did this:

sudo raco pkg config --set git-checkout-credentials mbutterick:my-password

But when I do either of these:

sudo raco pkg install https://github.com/mbutterick/repo.git

sudo raco pkg install git://github.com/mbutterick/repo.git

I get this error message:

raco pkg install: Git checkout initial protocol failed;
 the given URL might not refer to a Git repository

But if I use http:

sudo raco pkg install http://github.com/mbutterick/repo.git

Things seem to be on the right track, and then fail:

Querying Git references for app at http://github.com/mbutterick/app.git
ssl-connect: connect failed (error:140770FC:SSL 
routines:SSL23_GET_SERVER_HELLO:unknown protocol)
[long traceback]

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