> On Nov 2, 2017, at 9:35 AM, Geoffrey Knauth <ge...@knauth.org> wrote:
> Let's suppose I want to have a preferences file, e.g., "~/.dbaccess.rkt".  I 
> used to have a module I would import via 
> "../some-relative-path/dbaccess.rkt", but I thought I would try 
> "~/.dbaccess.rkt" as a module path.  It turned out a module path cannot begin 
> with "/", which happens with the expansion of "~" (it seems).
> This leads me to the more general question, what do other people do, what is 
> the convention when, say, they will have a GitHub repo with generally public 
> code, but some private files with, say, database-access codes that are 
> specific to a person's use of a package?

One solution is to use a .gitignore. I have a convention that files ending with 
‘private.rkt’ don’t go in the repo.

Alternatively, you could have a single directory—a private repo, or not a repo 
at all—that’s linked as a package, containing a collection called ‘private’ or 
whatever you like, and then require them by using paths like (require 

Apologies if these were all too obvious for you! :)


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