> On Nov 8, 2017, at 8:31 AM, Matthew Butterick <m...@mbtype.com> wrote:
> The `(current-environment-variables)` visible in command-line `racket` seem 
> to be exactly what I see when I just do `env` in the shell. Makes sense.
> But the `(current-environment-variables)` in DrRacket differ quite a bit: 
> some are the same, some different, some missing, some new.
> 1) Where does DrRacket get its environment variables, if not from the 
> logged-in user?

IIRC, Mac has an apologetic moue towards unix-y things here: I believe there’s 
a special place in your home directory … or maybe it’s in 
~/Library/Preferences, which would …

okay, let me search.

Okay, here you go:


Basically, the new knowledge here is that this is not a DrR-specific issue; 
it’s a system-wide question.

> 2) Is there an environment variable that I can use to test if a program is 
> running in DrRacket? For instance, the "XPC_SERVICE_NAME" variable has the 
> value "org.racket-lang.DrRacket.39428". Though AFAIK that is a Mac OS 
> specific value.

I’ll let someone else handle this one.


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