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IIRC, Mac has an apologetic moue towards unix-y things here: I believe there’s 
a special place in your home directory … or maybe it’s in 
~/Library/Preferences, which would …

okay, let me search.

Okay, here you go:


That link points to the two good solutions (the one the link points to, and the one just after it) for setting global environment variables with recent versions of macOS. The second one (lauchctl setenv ...) is often the better one, in particular because it can be used on a per-user basis.

It's worth pointing out that macOS has changed its handling of environment variables a few times in the past, so you can easily find suggestions and recipes that no longer work, or (almost worse) no longer work reliably. The best known one of these is modifying $HOME/.MacOS/environment.plist, which was the preferred approach in some distant past.

If you want the same environment variables in a shell running in a terminal and in GUI-based applications, you have to take care in configuring both environments in the same way. The obvious approach might seem to be not to set environments in the shells at all, letting them inherit the global environment, but given that the terminal app runs shells as login shells, this doesn't work.


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