>> In this case I was trying to configure a web servlet to run in differently 
>> when launched from DrRacket (in terms of its port and servlet-path) to 
>> better 
>> approximate Apache / htaccess conditions that exist on the live web server. 
> I wonder whether a submodule is a better approach here. DrRacket
> implicitly runs a `test` submodule, while `racket` doesn't, and you
> could add more submodules to the list in DrRacket. But that approach
> doesn't work if the conditional adjustment goes in a library, instead
> of the main module.

Right. `serve/servlet` is invoked with a bunch of keyword arguments, and I only 
need to change a few. So AFAICT adding bindings with a submodule wouldn't work.

Furthermore the `test` submodule is also invoked by `raco test`, so I avoid 
using it for things that assume the presence of DrRacket.

> Maybe DrRacket should let you configure environment variables for a
> program in the same way that it lets you provide command-line
> arguments, and maybe it does make sense to have a default environment
> variable that means "running in development mode".

Right. It seems analogous to some of those other settings.

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