In the definitions window of DrRacket:

#lang racket
(require (only-in math/number-theory partitions))
(partitions 0)
(partitions 0)

Runs ok,
but after running,
typing (partitions 0) in the interactions window
gives the following error:

define-values: assignment disallowed;
 cannot re-define a constant
  constant: lifted.0

The error does not show up when I comment out
the two lines (partitions 0) in the definitions window
and rerun before typing (partitions 0) in the interactions window.
I suppose this is a bug.

The error does not occur when replacing
#lang racket
#lang typed/racket

It is very well possible that I don't correctly require
from a typed module into an untyped one.
Should be possible, no?

Thanks, Jos

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