On Sun, Nov 26, 2017 at 12:43 PM, David Thrane Christiansen
<da...@davidchristiansen.dk> wrote:
> Hi Stephen,
>> I’ve noticed some list members use other editors or IDE’s.
>> I know two big reasons for using a complex tool is it’s stickiness factors;
>> normally a combination of familiarity (hence speed) with a lot of powerful
>> features and non-transportable customisation.
>> Putting stickiness factors aside, what features in other editors/IDE’s
>> would you like to see in DrRacket?

Multiple cursor mode.  cf http://emacsrocks.com/e13.html  I don't use
it all the time but when I use it it's much easier than the

> 2. The macro stepper is extremely handy when it works, and being able to
> inspect syntax objects in the interactions pane is wonderful when the
> macro stepper doesn't work.

Offtopic:  This is the one big feature that I've tried DrRacket for,
but I've never been able to make it work. Everything gets reduced to
lambdas instead of more high-level forms so that long before I
actually see anything useful I get a giant mess.   Maybe I don't
understand it well enough, or maybe there's something I need to do
differently with it?  I was expecting to just keep clicking the 'step'
button; is there any sort of context or etc that I need to establish

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