On 26/11/2017 16:42, Stephen De Gabrielle wrote:

I know two big reasons for using a complex tool is it’s stickiness factors; normally a combination of familiarity (hence speed) with a lot of powerful features and non-transportable customisation.

A third big reason is generality. The main reason why I prefer Emacs to DrRacket is that it does so many things unrelated to Racket. Anything that requires a text-based interface can be done in Emacs.

Putting stickiness factors aside, what features in other editors/IDE’s would you like to see in DrRacket?

Since I do use DrRacket from time to time for very Racket-specific things (e.g. the debugger and the macro stepper), I do have a small wishlist:

1) Paredit mode like in Emacs, sufficiently compatible that I can switch seamlessly between the two.

Well, that's it. Just one point.


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