On Sun, Nov 26, 2017 at 03:42:14PM +0000, Stephen De Gabrielle wrote:
> Hi,
> I’ve noticed some list members use other editors or IDE’s.
> I know two big reasons for using a complex tool is it’s stickiness factors;
> normally a combination of familiarity (hence speed) with a lot of powerful
> features and non-transportable customisation.
> Putting stickiness factors aside, what features in other editors/IDE’s
> would you like to see in DrRacket?

I generally switch back and forth between Emacs and DrRacket as appropriate
for the task at hand.  DrRacket is good for code navigation, but if I'm
doing a lot of writing, I generally prefer emacs, largely for reasons that
others have mentioned in this thread.

There is one particular issue, however, that I haven't seen come up: power
usage.  I haven't really investigated what's going on here, but DrRacket
drains the battery on my MacBook Pro quite rapidly (last experienced with
DrRacket 6.11 on MacOS 10.12.latest).  What's more, it appears to do this
even if the app is only open in the background and I'm not actually
interacting with it.  So if I don't have access to AC power, I generally
close DrRacket and stick with Emacs.

If the DrRacket maintainers are interested, I'd be happy to help diagnose
the power problem in more detail, as time permits.  However, I don't really
know what tests would be useful.  Suggestions welcome!


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