I thought I had understood mostly everything I learned in Beautiful
Racket.  But I must be very confused as a whole.  I gave myself the task of
translating something like this

#lang tcp
connect www.google.com 80
text GET / HTTP/1.1
text Host: www.google.com

into something like this

#lang racket/base
(require racket/tcp)
(require racket/port)

(define host "www.google.com")
(define port 80)

(define-values (input-port output-port)
  (tcp-connect host port))

(define (sendline ln)
  (display ln (current-output-port))
  (display ln output-port)
  (flush-output output-port))

(displayln (format "Connected @ ~a on port ~a." host port))

(sendline "GET / HTTP/1.1\r\n")
(sendline (format "Host: ~a\r\n\r\n" host))

(write (port->lines input-port))

I've achived a bit.  I translated that dsl-source into this.

'(prelude/connect-to www.google.com 80)
'(send-line GET / HTTP/1.1)
'(send-line Host: www.google.com)
'(loop read until eof)

Now I don't know how to proceed.  I think I must define a macro
prelude/connect-to.  For example

  (prelude/connect-to www.google.com 80)

should expand to

      (require racket/tcp)
      (require racket/port)
      (define-values (input-port output-port)
        (tcp-connect "www.google.com" 80))))

Here's what I tried.  (See my full code at http://pasterack.org/pastes/16943

(define-macro (prelude/connect-to HOST PORT)
      (require racket/tcp)
      (require racket/port)
      (define-values (input-port output-port)
        (tcp-connect HOST PORT))))

This doesn't work because I get the error message

  www.google.com: unbound identifier in module in: www.google.com

This must be because www.google.com is not a string.  I don't know how to
turn into a string and this must mean I'm very confused.  What should my
macro do so I'd get the desired expansion?

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