schanzer writes:

> Hi all - happy new year Racketeers!
> For the last two years, we've been thinking about making programming
> accessible for differently-abled students. We're focusing first on students
> with visual and sensorimotor impairments, by building an editor that allows
> students to navigate and modify the AST itself (rather than text). The
> editor implements a subset of Advanced Student Language, and we're looking
> to run some user studies in the weeks ahead. If you're curious, you can
> turn on your screenreader and play with it
> <>. Note:
> Editing is Not Yet Done (expect bugs!), but we're ready to test navigation
> for now.

Heya, this is really great!

BTW, it's a bit of a compexity jump, but I wonder if you know about

It has the usual high learning curve of Emacs, so I think your new
editor project is a great entry point.  But the advantage possibly long
term of using Emacspeak is you can do a lot of powerful things (it aims
to be a "complete audio desktop" in emacs) since emacs is so text-based
and has many features.  And of course, you can edit Racket code too :)
So it may be a good future-path moving from your project to this.

You're probably aware already... but there it is, if you aren't!

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