Oh yeah, I’ve even had the opportunity to speak to T.V. Raman about it! Cool 
stuff, but it’s solving a different set of problems.

While it's a wonderfully powerful tool, Emacs is poorly suited to our 
educational context. We work in schools where teachers are nervous about the 
jump from Word to GDocs. Emacs is essentially a non-starter there. And while 
Emacspeak is a great way for visually-impaired users to use Emacs, it was never 
designed to address some of the working-memory challenges faced by 
visually-impaired programmers.

But don’t worry - we’re not ignoring it. In fact, some of the audio cues it 
introduced are pieces we plan to stea^H^H^Hintegrate into this tool as well. :)

Thanks, Chris!

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