Sorry for the delay. 

1) Coloring of a #; commented-out S-expression, as in Emacs.

2) Code folding that is saved and yet compatible with external editors.  
The way I would go about dealing with the WXME format would be be to save 
two files, with the WXME format hidden somewhere (Sqlite or a file) based 
on the hash of the content of the normal text.  If the hash matches, then 
utilize the extra goodies the WXME affords (e.g. code folding); otherwise 
just show the normal text version and nobody will be the wiser.  

3) Having the ability for the Run button to execute a different process 
would allow crash-prone C/C++/Go/Rust extensions not annihilate the GUI.

4) The first attempt to get assistance from meta-/ takes quite a while yet 
excludes operators defined in the current file.  Given that it's not 
including local definitions and/or tokens, and that the next time I start 
DrRacket, the same list will slowly appear, it ought to be cached.

5) Easy way to avoid byte-code incompatibility, e.g. I download 
and run into a repetitive dialog about 6.10 byte-code incompatibility 
without any option for correction.

6) In the preferences dialog (on a Mac at least), the "Revert All 
Preferences to Defaults" is unclear about whether the defaults are for the 
displayed tab or for all preferences.  At least twice in the past, I've 
incorrectly assumed that the defaults were for the topic displayed and not 
all preferences.  I fiddled with the background expansion and finally 
decided "Oh, I'll just put it back to whatever is suggested - bam, all my 
other settings were gone."

7) Finally, the tools tab has doubtful defaults for preloading tools, e.g. 
Algol 60.   Then there is the question about what "Skip the tool" means.  
Does that mean that I cannot access these in a running Dr Racket? 

Thanks for asking suggestions.


On Sunday, November 26, 2017 at 10:42:29 AM UTC-5, spdegabrielle wrote:
> Hi,
> I’ve noticed some list members use other editors or IDE’s. 
> I know two big reasons for using a complex tool is it’s stickiness 
> factors; normally a combination of familiarity (hence speed) with a lot of 
> powerful features and non-transportable customisation.
> Putting stickiness factors aside, what features in other editors/IDE’s 
> would you like to see in DrRacket?
> Kind regards,
> Stephen
> -- 
> Kind regards,
> Stephen
> --
> Ealing (London), UK

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