The racket plot package produces interactive snip% objects which allow 
zooming of the plot area. While this is a cool and sometimes useful 
feature, the functionality is hard coded in the plot-snip% class inside the 
package. I would like to extend the package to allow the user to customize 
the interactive features of the plot -- most of the graphing packages for 
the web support the display of additional information when the user hovers 
the mouse over the plot.

I have built a prototype implementation of adding interactive overlays to 
plot snips, as shown in the image below, and I would like to ask if there 
is interest in adding such a feature to the plot package distributed with 

At this point, the code is at a "proof of concept" stage, but ultimately, I 
will add interactive features to the plots in my application and they will 
be more complex than just showing the value of a function at a cursor 
location. As part of that experience, I will better understand what actual 
features I need, and hope to refine this interface. I am also looking for 
feedback, in particular if this would be the right approach for doing this.

The prototype implementation is here:

The code to generate the plot below is here: 

As it is implemented now, unless a "hover callback" is added to the plot 
snip, the snip behaves as before, allowing zoom and unzoom when the mouse 
is dragged over the plot area.


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