Le 04/02/2018 à 18:18, Alexander McLin a écrit :

it is meaningless for there to be gaps in a histogram plot since it is intended to show a continuous distribution.
Sorry if it seems nitpicky, I've done data processing...
Good. ... And you have never seen histograms with gaps??

My turn to be nitpicky...

Perhaps you meant that the *style* of histogram bars should be so that the *adjacent*  bars touch, but a gap as such may simply mean that a given range is empty.

And please, don't exaggerate with the "continuous distribution" requirement. Thousands of experimentalists in all domains use histograms for the visualisation of experimental frequency distributions (*counting*, with axes which may be discrete, e.g., the number of emitted particles in a nuclear collision), and the fact that the author of  the Wikipedia article "Histogram" mentions a few times the term "continuous data", doesn't change anything, it is simply  sectarian.

Anyway, nothing to do with Racket...

Jerzy Karczmarczuk

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