Your interactive plot looks wonderful and would be a good replacement for 
some of R's statistical graphing features. I'm excited you're making this 
valuable contribution to Racket.

I did noticed something in your documentation at
that I felt I should mention. In your histogram section, you have presented 
a graph as a histogram plot, but it's not actually a true histogram plot, 
it's a bar chart.

Histogram plot is a distribution plot of a continuous quantitative variable 
and is designed so the area of the bars sum to 100 percent of the 
distribution. Also it is meaningless for there to be gaps in a histogram 
plot since it is intended to show a continuous distribution.

Bar chart plot on the other hand is meant to show comparison between 
categories and is what is being shown in the documentation section where 
the x-axis represent discreet year categories.

Histograms and bar charts are often confused, likely because they use very 
similar graphical representations but are used to represent very different 
types of data.

A good short explanation is here
and it also refers to The Grammar of Graphics by Leland Wilkinson which is 
an excellent source.

Sorry if it seems nitpicky, I've done data processing and analysis and 
often see those kind of issues.

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