I can imagine a problem where the "language implementation" is in the
reader, in which case it wouldn't get run when loading from bytecode,
but that doesn't explain why `racket <myprogram>` works --- unless the
initialization is also triggered by a `main` or `configure-runtime`
submodule, which would be run by `racket <myprogram>`.

You are right, it is in the configure-runtime. Here is the source of
my slon/lang/configure-runtime.rkt file. It has not changed since 2011
when I wrote it. It probably reflects my incompetence in implementing
languages, but anyway:


Oh, I see that the upstream Racklog source [1] has changed and no
longer uses the odd-read/even-read hack. I will borrow the
implementation from there, again, effectively removing the parser
dependency in configure-runtime,and see how it goes.

No, the Racklog still does use parser and compiler in the configure-runtime.
And so am I.

I have addressed the issue by (require)-ing the needed module directly in the
language runtime, too, so my hash table gets filled up even if the reader has 
not acted. Thank you!

Best regards,


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