Before I disappear for today - some additional observations + current hack 
if anyone has the same problem:
* folders have correct timestamps
* dependencies downloaded in the same run can have their timestamp even +2h 
into the future.
* install directly from git has the same problem -> "raco pkg install"; has timestamp +1h or +2h into 
the future
* current workaround (so that I can use Racket at all) is:
  - "raco pkg install new-package" -> edit all downloaded files to save 
with current timestamp OR simply wait 2h (possibly longer) -> run "raco 
setup new-package"


On Thursday, March 29, 2018 at 12:59:12 AM UTC+2, Greg Trzeciak wrote:
> Thanks Philip for these ideas, I won't be able to test all the suggestions 
> today (due to time zone ;) but here is what I got so far:
> * My timezone is for Warsaw, Poland
> * When I create a file it is added with a correct timestamp but "raco pkg" 
> downloads it and saves with + 1 hour timestamp. When running raco make on 
> these files it brings the compile-zo error but when I wait 1 hour it 
> compiles them just fine.
> So it seems the problem is not during compilation (that was my first 
> thought) but with "raco pkg" which saves the files from git repos with a 
> future date! 
> Now the question is why, how and what to do to fix it?
> Thanks for getting me a bit closer to the answer!

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