I am interested in developing a Racket wrapper for hetzner cloud rest
api. This is a REST API defined in:

I however, have no experience with accessing REST APIs in racket much
less developing one.

1. Are there any examples out there of wrapping rest apis in racket?
2. If you look at how this is done in Python[1] as expected everything
is an object. However, from what I generally see, libraries seem to
rarely touch the racket object system (although I think it's great). So,
I guess instead of having an object 'Client' to which you would do (send
client login "username" "password"), is it generally preferable to have
a (make-client ...), which you would follow with (client-login
"username" "password")?

Any thoughts would be appreciated before I commit myself, only to find
it goes against the racket way once I publish it. :)

[1] https://github.com/elsyms/hetznercloud-py/
Paulo Matos

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