One strategy for SXML-related support would be for the Racket community to collectively do all 3 of these:

1. Treat the monolithic `sxml` package of Oleg's various SXML-related tools remaining pretty frozen in its current state. This will be the "raw, classic, everything" package.  It will be OK if this package errs on the side of `provide` rather than non-`provide`, because of #2 below, so don't expend much energy on those decisions, nor on API changes here, nor on how to document it.  We will expect this package to be deprecated, as soon as its key functionality is covered by #2 and #3.

2. People can make new non-monolithic packages of individual Oleg SXML-related libraries (e.g., SXPath, SSAX, various SXML accessors, maybe also split out his prologue), with non-backward-compatible tidied-up names (e.g., no mixed-case and prefixes, make sure no provided names *too* generic) and add polished API documentation like a core Racket package would have.  Probably the code for each of these should start as selective copy&paste of code from the `sxml` package.

3. People can also make new topical SXML-related packages that might or might not incorporate any Oleg code, and do not try to retain the interfaces of Oleg's code.  For example, the mother of all SXML accessors and constructors, agonizing over the naming and completeness.  Also use modern Racket features in the interfaces (e.g., keyword arguments, sequences).

I regret that I don't have time right now to volunteer for any of this, but I'm always happy to try to boss around other people. :) If currently more-industrious people make packages for #2 and #3, please email me, so that I can add the packages to the `sxml-intro` document:

BTW, if you're making new HTML-related SXML-ish packages, we should probably talk.  There's a historic headache with extensions to SXML for HTML, most of it my fault, but most of the remaining extensions can be abandoned (now that packages are for Racket with Unicode support only, rather than in portable R4RS+SRFIs Scheme), and I want to discourage use of the extensions.  Also, I want to make a new HTML5 parser from scratch, using everything I now know, but that will probably have to wait for funding or winning the lottery.

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