At 2018-05-17T13:40:47-04:00, Neil Van Dyke wrote:

> One strategy for SXML-related support would be for the Racket
> community to collectively do all 3 of these:
> 1. Treat the monolithic `sxml` package of Oleg's various SXML-related
> tools remaining pretty frozen in its current state. This will be the
> "raw, classic, everything" package.  It will be OK if this package
> errs on the side of `provide` rather than non-`provide`, because of #2
> below, so don't expend much energy on those decisions, nor on API
> changes here, nor on how to document it.  We will expect this package
> to be deprecated, as soon as its key functionality is covered by #2
> and #3.
> 2. People can make new non-monolithic packages of individual Oleg
> SXML-related libraries (e.g., SXPath, SSAX, various SXML accessors,
> maybe also split out his prologue), with non-backward-compatible
> tidied-up names (e.g., no mixed-case and prefixes, make sure no
> provided names *too* generic) and add polished API documentation like
> a core Racket package would have.  Probably the code for each of these
> should start as selective copy&paste of code from the `sxml` package.
> 3. People can also make new topical SXML-related packages that might
> or might not incorporate any Oleg code, and do not try to retain the
> interfaces of Oleg's code.  For example, the mother of all SXML
> accessors and constructors, agonizing over the naming and
> completeness.  Also use modern Racket features in the interfaces
> (e.g., keyword arguments, sequences).

I think 3 is the most attractive possibility, modulo the practical
problems of human resources.  SXML surely needs to be augmented.  For
instance, as far as I know, it doesn't understand XInclude, and seems to
deal with inclusions using external parsed general entities, which is
perhaps a bit dated at this stage of XML usage.  It may be best to adapt
the good parts of SXML, and build a well-maintained and modern XML
toolkit for Racket, without bothering about portability to other Scheme

Anyway, just thinking aloud.


N. Raghavendra <>,
Harish-Chandra Research Institute,

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