On 1 Oct 2018, at 4:49, William G Hatch wrote:

I just read “Language Oriented Programming in Racket: A Cultural
Anthropology” on my flight home from Racketcon. I enjoyed reading it,
and recommend it.

Just for reference (in case someone stumbles across this message in the future, or doesn't understand what's being referred to because they weren't at RacketCon):

William's referring to a project I carried out over the last six months or so -- prompted mainly by the publication of the CACM article (https://cacm.acm.org/magazines/2018/3/225475-a-programmable-programming-language/fulltext) -- to get my hands dirty with language-oriented programming. My approach was to survey many Racket programmers to get their sense of things. I collected and edited the results and gave the book a fancy name ("anthropology"). Here's the project homepage:



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