Hi all,

First, thank you for the conversation around this.

On Sun, Nov 4, 2018 at 5:30 PM George Neuner <gneun...@comcast.net> wrote:

> One .zo per distributed place is just one descriptor per process.  Again
> insignificant because you have 4K per process.
> It's apparent that the code is leaking descriptors somewhere.  Forcing GC
> may mitigate the problem, but it would be better if you found the leak.
I've lied. I am *not* using distributed places. I'm using *dynamic-place*,
which clearly is why I'm running into limits.

Unless anyone has alternative ideas, I'm going to restructure my code to
use distributed places on the single machine, which will, I think, give me
multicore parallelism and eliminate the file descriptor limit I'm running
up against.

Many thanks, again. I locked in my head I was using distributed places, and
was blind to my own code. I've kept the test case I wrote, below, that let
me see clearly what I was doing, as opposed to getting caught up in all the
other things my code was engaged in. I'll leave it below for posterity's
sake, but it doesn't serve a particular role at this point.




I've written a small test case, and with Stefan's suggestion, dropped the
soft limit on descriptors to 100.

I can run my test case with 100 distributed places  when the soft limit is
1024 (and I end up with 708 descriptors in use when all of the distributed
places are idling), and it crashes immediately/very quickly when I drop
down to 100 descriptors.

[mjadud@phi subsetting]$ ulimit -n 100

[mjadud@phi subsetting]$ racket -um stress-queen.rkt

open-input-file: cannot open input file


  system error: Too many open files; errno=24

The files I used for testing are in this Gist:


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