Thanks! However, I am trying to avoid changing USE. The trouble is
that there are too many macros using X that I don't understand, and
these macros themselves are more than one layers deep. It is nearly
impossible to thread the syntax property through the macros.On Wed,
Nov 21, 2018 at 7:30 PM Matthew Butterick <> wrote:
> (PS ignore "at L ..." — apparently `gensym` in RacketCS is broken.)
> > ;; Result:
> > ;; "at L (unsaved-editor:24.3) ; #f #f"
> > ;; "at L (unsaved-editor:25.3) ; #f #f"
> > ;; "at L (unsaved-editor:26.0) ; #f #f"
> > ;; "at L (unsaved-editor:27.0) ; #f #f"

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