I have a macro (let's called it X) that generates unique symbols at
all its uses. I need all its uses to be distinguishable from each

(define-syntax X
    [(_ stx)
     (define label (gensym 'L))
     #`(log-error "at ~a (~a) ; ~a ~a"
                 (quote-srcloc-string #,#'stx)

X is also used in many other macros:

(define-simple-macro (USE)
  (void (vector (X 'USE)))) ;; A

(X (or 'here #f))
(X 'there)
(USE) ;; B
(USE) ;; C

It works, but it would be better if (X 'USE) can log information about
its uses at B and C in addition to the source location A for debugging
purpose. If I don't want to change the implementation of USE, is there
a way for X to obtain the source information of B and C?

Currently, the only information I can get is the client module that
uses USE, obtained by checking (current-module-declare-name) at
expansion time in X.


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