Hi Sig,

GNU provides they reason why not to use LGPL: 

Location licence in racket repository: 

- Github has a summary of what they think the meaning of LGPL is 

GNU also provides this; https://www.gnu.org/licenses/lgpl-java.html which I 
*believe* mirrors what is written at 
I hope this helps. 

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On Friday, August 23, 2019 at 10:25:02 PM UTC+9, sage wrote:
> --I believe this email was lost due to me not being subscribed to the list 
> last time I sent it. Sorry if this is a duplicate.
> Has someone tried to release an *open source* Racket project under a 
> license that enforces paid commercial use of that project? Light Googling 
> suggests this would be antithetical to the LGPL if not open source in 
> general, but https://download.racket-lang.org/license.html says "the 
> Racket license does not restrict you at all."
> I understand no replies here or any web page constitutes legal advice, so 
> please take my question in the spirit of respecting the LGPL's sublicensing 
> restrictions and learning what other people are doing to earn money 
> independently using Racket.
> *~slg*

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