I recently found Racket when I was searching some tutorials about Lisp and 
Metaprogramming. I really like that the community around DrRacket seems to 
be very much interested in education, making talks and tutorials even for 
childerens. The doc pages https://docs.racket-lang.org/ seems to be best 
what I found up to now in Lisp-world.

What I'm missing however is some example codes which I can just simply 
download, load in DrRacket, run, and see what it does (without copying it 
step by step from doc-pages). This is my favourite way of learning - 
reverse-engineering finished cool demos. I don't like reading tutorials 
step-by-step. I like just browsing over code examples and see what is 

I was searching for some time to find some links e.g. to 
github-repositories with example codes for Racket, but I did not found 
almost anything usefull (easily accessible, easy to make i run).

Maybe you know processing (https://processing.org/), it is in some aspects 
similar to DrRacket

   - It tries to bring programming to non-programmers (e.g. arts, 
   - It has own minimalistic IDE to make it easier for people

but unlike DrRacket it has huge amount of example codes packed within the 
standard instalation, (see attached picture). I think it would be great 
addition to DrRacket, exactly in direction of what you try to achieve.

[image: Screenshot_2019-09-09_15-55-18.png] <about:invalid#zClosurez>

Other great thing which help me learn to program are 

... it would be greate if something similar would be there for Racket, 
Lisp, Haskell or any of these kind of languages

( I come from graphics/physics background (imperative languages 
C/C++,GLSL,OpenCL ...  , high-performace), I have no previous experience 
with any Lisp-family language nor other functional language  )

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