Den tor. 23. jan. 2020 kl. 01.47 skrev Matthew Butterick <>:

> I concur on Postmark. For 2+ yrs I've used it with the Racket web server
> for I pass the server settings to `smtp-send-message` from `
> net/smtp`.
> On 22 Jan 20, at 3:00 AM, Bogdan Popa <> wrote:
> I like using Postmark[0] for this.  Their free plan lets you send up to
> 100 e-mails a month, their paid plans come at a reasonable price and
> they have helpful docs and validators to help you set up SPF, DMARC and
> Two recommendations!

I took a second look at Postmark and was impressed by their service,
so I went ahead and added password recovery emails via Postmark.

Some nice features:
    - don't need to setup and maintain a mail server
    - weekly report on the "spam status" of your domain
    - email templates (html mails are hard)
    - an ios app to track mails
    - 100 mails free pr month (which for Racket Stories is plenty)

Thanks for the push.

Stephen, I think, password resets were what you originally asked for (see
latest commit).

The code hasn't been deployed yet - it'll happen sometime tomorrow.

Philip: I'll keep your solution in mind, if I for some reason need to
change it.

/Jens Axel

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