I am trying to switch off type checking on a file so that I can prototype 
faster without the wait for the type checker. However, my code also uses 
typed/2htdp/universe and typed/2htdp/image, and I get an error on 

> Type Checker: Macro big-bang from typed module used in untyped code in: 
(big-bang ...

So, is there a to run the program without running the type checker? 
Relatedly, is there a way of reloading a *typed* racket file in the REPL (I 
can't get it to work with ,reload-require which just chokes somehow). 

I could hack around this by having the big-bang be in an untyped submodule 
- but doing this only so that I can have a faster developing loop (I will 
already have to switch between #lang typed/racket and #lang 
typed/racket/no-check enough) seems a bit dodgy.


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