I have two builds of Racket on my local machine. Racket CS resides in one 
directory and was built with `RACKETCS_SUFFIX=""` and stardard Racket also 
built from source in a separate directory. Normally I have my .bashrc setup 
PATH as needed to use e.g. Racket CS. I ran into a problem with an upstream 
package which maybe FFI related, so now I want to test it against standard 
Racket build so I switch over the PATH and run it with non-cs `raco` and 

First, does that even work? I noticed that both of them install packages 
into ~/Library/Racket/development/ for me. Are both builds so compatible I 
don't need to worry about packages stepping on each others toes i.e. 
compiled with one but executed with the other? I think I'd rather have the 
two systems completely separated so I can actually compare oranges to 
oranges. Is there a way to guarantee that? I don't have a mental model of 
having two builds like this.

How do you run and test multiple builds? Is there a good setup I can steal 

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