At Fri, 8 May 2020 01:55:17 -0700 (PDT), zeRusski wrote:
> First, does that even work? I noticed that both of them install packages 
> into ~/Library/Racket/development/ for me. Are both builds so compatible I 
> don't need to worry about packages stepping on each others toes i.e. 
> compiled with one but executed with the other?

No, the builds will collide there.

The intent of development mode is that you install further packages
"installation" scope, etc., to avoid contention at

But if you need the "~/Library/Racket" space, there are tools like the
one Sam suggested, and there's a specific configuration for this...

> I think I'd rather have the two systems completely separated so I can
> actually compare oranges to oranges. Is there a way to guarantee
> that?

You can use something like

 raco pkg config -u --set name other-development

to give one of your development builds a different name. In this case,
that build would use "~/Library/Racket/other-development".

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