I've been working last several months on a GUI math training/understanding 
program for my 6 year old daughter who just started grade 1 (in Philippines 
- they start beginning of June). 
Originally I started with addition and subtraction, but as every new topic 
(math related) was introduced in school (like basic idea of fractions, 
clock and many others) and as I saw problems in understanding, I would add 
a new exercise to the program. It contains 12 exercises in all now, and is 
pretty much complete (I run out of ideas) :-) .

My problem/question is following. 
As I've seen with my daughter, the program is very successful in teaching 
(at least it is with my daughter), and she actually enjoys using it (which 
was not the case when I originally started with papers of printed 
problems). Therefore I would like to post this program on the internet for 
other parents to use, but I can't find where Racket compiled/standalone 
programs are posted.

I have of-course found Racket packages repository, but (I admit I know 
nothing of Racket packages) it does not seem to be what I need. As far as I 
see it, packages are for people who use racket, have racket installed on 
their computers, and know how to handle packages. 
This is definitely not the folks I have in mind for my program.

So is there such a repository where I can post tarball containing compiled 
program, and source code.

Hrvoje Blazevic

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