I'm a relative Racket newbie, and I've just enjoyed *Beautiful Racket*.

I am working on a Racket implementation of a simple assembler (for the Hack
VM in the NAND2Tetris course).

I have a partial implementation up and running using #lang lines. I would
like to add a more traditional command-line interface, so I can
(eventually) say:

hackasm foo.asm

on a file without a #lang line.

My code is available at https://github.com/rrthomas/hackasm

Here's the nub of the problem: I can't work out how to call the language
evaluator "manually". I have implemented the language as a dialect, so that
the "main.rkt" module is "free" to be used for the command-line interface.
(Perhaps this can be fixed too, that would be nice!)

A typical assembler file might start like this:

#lang hackasm/asm

When I run this file (e.g. in DrRacket), I get some output as expected:


(The assembler outputs ASCII-encoded binary!)

The contents of my main.rkt looks like this:

#lang br/quicklang
(require "parser.rkt" "tokenizer.rkt" (submod "asm.rkt" reader))

(module+ main
  (require racket/cmdline)
  (let ((filename
          #:program "hackasm" ;
          #:args (filename)
    (read-syntax filename (open-input-file filename))))

So far, all I've worked out how to do is run the language's read-syntax
function (imported from parser.rkt), and thereby return the parsed syntax
object as the result.

What I'd like to do is call the evaluator on the parse tree, but after a
lot of scratching my head over the Racket documentation and search results,
I cannot work out how to do that. I presume the code should look something

(eval (??? (read-syntax filename (open-input-file filename))))

where in the end I'm eval-ing a form, and where ??? represents something
that turns the syntax object into a runnable module.

Apologies for the length of this post (I was unsure how I could make it
shorter), and thanks in advance for any help!


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