On Sun, 4 Sept 2022 at 19:39, Philip McGrath <phi...@philipmcgrath.com>

> You may indeed want a tool that supports files without #lang if you are
> working with an existing language and there isn't a way to make the #lang
> line acceptable to its existing grammar.

That's exactly it!

> Despite the title of the chapter, this isn't limited to DrRacket: you also
> get editor support for your language in Emacs' racket-mode, VSCode, and
> other clients of the Language Server Protocol.

This is very cool! I didn't know until now. In particular, pleasing to this
Emacs user!

>    - (Small caveat: I have not actually read Beautiful Racket, just
>    looked at it admiringly, recommended it to others, and wished MB had
>    written it a year earlier than he did.)
> I think I've already said I found it a good introduction; I will reiterate
that recommendation!

Thanks very much for the further advice.


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