Chris Parrish wrote:
> Interestingly, in one of your later posts, you define "Developer" and
> "Designer" separately where "Developer" was working outside of the
> Radiant UI (including RoR and DB tasks).  And where Developer got into
> (x)html or css, the role overlapped with your definition of "Designer"
> It kind of made my point.

Actually, that was my post ;)

Anyway, I'd be inclined to keep such a delineation - leaving the lowest 
level being content-only. Having a tier for content, a tier for design 
and a tier for configuring plugins/extensions (and dipping into Radiant) 
- and a root tier for user management (and any fundamentals that may 
crop up in the future UI).

I'd be quite keen to see a moved from the checkboxes, to a hierarchical 
approach. Keeping the potential for extensions to insert new roles, a 
weighted inheritance index could be a simple solution:

  1       Content
  25     Designer
  50     Developer
  100   Admin/Root

Or, just go granular. A checkbox for every function, with extensions 
inserting their own granular function control. Implementation fairly 
simple, with a key/value table:

    module (<extension>|layouts|snippets|users|pages)
    key (<function> ie |edit|create|view|destroy| etc)
    value (true|false|<string>)

Whatever happens, and I seem to be banging on about this one, Snippets 
should be moved to the same level as Layouts. The lowest level (akin to 
Content-only) then needs to be feature-stripped further, even perhaps 
down to specific CRUD functions.*


* I've already had problems this week - a customer project manager is 
having trouble with content management staff making changes to the 
snippets (which I fixed with a patch) and with deleting/renaming pages 
and page-parts (which I'm lacking a solution for).
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