Arik Jones wrote:
> I think we need core extensions that handle these problems. Tools like 
> Drupal and ExpressionEngine of PHP fame handle de-coupled functionality 
> very well. I think RadiantCMS retains a well-defined code base and 
> development platform. With that said, I think focus should be shifted to 
> extension development.
> Extensions can provide all the granular functionality and control one 
> would need. The Page Group Permissions extension definitely is a great 
> example.
> We have core developers for Radiant itself, but I think Radiant could 
> use some core developers for just extensions. I think the community and 
> the promotion of Radiant could benefit greatly from that.
> What do you guys think?

Good idea. There are still numerous issues I think need to be sorted at 
the core, but a lot of functionality could come in the form of bolt-ons.

My only issue, is the complex setup to ensure everything you need is in 
one place (unzip some, SVN some more and GIT the rest), and the 
complexity with updating multiple projects. How about even deploying 
extensions as gems (still doesn't solve updates, but one step at a 
time...) and requiring them in a environment file (like the Rails 2.1 
gem handler)?

I've got a number of useful tool extensions I've built, including text 
manipulation (upcase, downcase etc), truncation, redirection and so 
forth. Could be persuaded to OS them...

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