Jonathan McCoy wrote:
Chris Parrish wrote:
Interestingly, in one of your later posts, you define "Developer" and
"Designer" separately where "Developer" was working outside of the
Radiant UI (including RoR and DB tasks).  And where Developer got into
(x)html or css, the role overlapped with your definition of "Designer"
It kind of made my point.

Actually, that was my post ;)


Thanks for the correction.

Whatever happens, and I seem to be banging on about this one, Snippets should be moved to the same level as Layouts.

The problem here is that some sites use snippets extensively for content and writers need to create and edit those in order to create pages. That's the beauty of snippets, they're versatile. But like you noticed, when snippets hold Layout or other design-level content, it gets hairy because writers have permissions to those snippets.

I once suggested that there could be Page Snippets and Layout Snippets (or Content Snippets and Design Snippets) but you run into the complication-factor. At some point we're sliding down the slippery slope to WordPress or some other massively-featured CMS.

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