On 18/07/2008, at 6:21 AM, Jim Gay wrote:

Looks good, Jim. Are you part of the company, or did you just build their

Just built the site.

Huh? What kind of marketing/branding company outsources their web site? You'd think that would be a core competence.

BTW... no Google Analytics? Really?

Not everything needs to be tracked, dissected, and analyzed. But something like that might be added in.

Uh, doesn't any serious operation do their own tracking?! Google Analytics is nice and all for a blog or something, especially if you're chained to Adwords, but I would expect actual companies to do their own usage tracking. At least use Mint or something, a single site license is $30!

For a marketing company I would look upon use of Google Analytics as a sign of a mom and pop operation doing things on the cheap and I think it's weird that someone would suggest otherwise... again, you'd expect usage analysis to be a core competence.

Site looks good though, although the favicon isn't loading for me and I would prefer the charset to be utf8 pretty much everywhere these days. The portfolio section is particularly well-designed. And I'm always happy to see the use of PNG : )
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