Sorry, I just have to respond to the question about tracking...

Uh, doesn't any serious operation do their own tracking?!

No. I guess this is one preconception that you can let go of. Let me check a few sites and see what they use...

Volusion -  Google Analytics.
Shopify - Google Analytics
Blinksale - Beats me...
Basecamp - Google Analytics
Ruby on Rails - Google Analytics
Ruby Language  - Google Analytics

Amazing... I thought I'd find a few significant ones out there, but that's good company to be in, IMO. I think these are serious operations.

Google Analytics is nice and all for a blog or something, especially if you're chained to Adwords, but I would expect actual companies to do their own usage tracking. At least use Mint or something, a single site license is $30!

The main reason for companies to do their own tracking is if they really value the ownership and privacy of their stats.

Google Analytics: It's free. It's doesn't add load to your servers. It works really well, and Google works to add features for free without any upgrading required on our side. Smart companies (people) don't complicate things when they don't have to.

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