Hello all. Thanks for the input. As John mentioned, I am beginning work on the new Radiant UI, and my main goals are:

  1. It needs to function correctly
  2. I want the CSS/Markup to be as simple (understandable) as possible
     as this is open source
  3. I want to produce something that won't inadvertently break
     (maintainer removes one line to change something only to learn
     that that line was necessary as a browser hack)

Browser limitations/variations work against all of these (I'm currently fighting with Firefox). I'm trying to find a happy (read: "sane")-medium and I wanted people's take on things.

The consensus seems to be:

   * Most could live without IE6 (no current users requiring it)
   * Many/some could foresee a case where IE6 might be needed

So, I agree with John & Jim that we should shoot for IE 7+ support with the ability to add in IE 6 as an extension. Besides, I'm working on some of the harder parts now and it's looking like PNG support may be the only limitation (I had other ones in mind when I asked this question but I think those may be working themselves out).

Jim Gay wrote:
Chris, I'm trying to clear up my schedule to get more involved in the new UI. Have you forked radiant-prototype or do you gave a public location for ideas that you're working on?

It didn't make sense to fork John's Radiant Prototype as that is really a complete prototype of the existing UI. I have made a copy of it and will be hosting it on GitHub here shortly (I'm trying to get the _layout.haml file working so that the nav will be nailed down before releasing).

Time permitting, I'll have it up by Wednesday.

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