Hi All,

First, thanks for making the WymEditor extension for Radiant Benny! I find fckeditor and tinymce a massive pain, both to de-crapify and in the code they produce, so this was welcome.

I’m doing some testing before showing a site to a client, and I’ve got a problem in that on any page that has an uploaded page_attachment, any of the buttons that activate pop-up windows (image, link etc) also replace the body of the admin page with this:


so under the popup window my page is now only the red header and the gray footer, and one line of regex in the middle. Has anyone else come across this?

I’m running on 0.6.7 frozen to edge (svn rev 881), and I got the WYMeditor extension via a github clone. When trying to insert a page_attachments image I can drag and drop the file icon to include that, or the file name to make a link, but I’m specifically wanting to be able to add the full-size image with alt text, which requires the popup. Does anyone know why this is happening, and how I can fix it?

peace - oli
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