Roles in Radiant are lacking for various reasons:

1) Radiant was designed for small teams, which need few roles.
2) ACL/Authorization is WAY too complicated in most CMS software.
3) We haven't until recently found the need to have roles other than
Admin and Developer.

Matt Freels' Page Group Permissions is good in that it fills a lot of
those needs without being too complicated.  We're actually using it on
my latest Radiant project.  Matt also had a branch of Radiant (from
the original GitHub repo) that included factoring roles out into a
separate model.  I think something like that would be a great addition
to the core, if carefully and unobtrusively designed.  Of course, the
best place to test that functionality would be in an extension, see if
it gains traction, and then integrate it into the core if it is in
high demand (like shards was).


On Thu, Aug 7, 2008 at 10:36 AM, Arik Jones <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Adam van den Hoven wrote:
>> I think you've hit on something.
>> its probably reasonable to assume that the common default installation
>> is going to be someone who's using it for their own website. One user
>> means one role so take the admin/developer/user behaviour out and move
>> everything into an extension. That extension would be an expanded
>> version of  page group permissions. The only thing I would do is
>> configure the core behaviour such that any other extension developer
>> could specify group permissions without requiring a group extension
>> installed (sort of how the help extension allows developers to add
>> Help without requiring that help exists). Radiant can specify a core
>> API for the role behaviour (so that anyone can create any role
>> extension they desire) so that we can all work together.
>> I'd actually suggest doing the same thing for user management. That
>> would allow us easily create an OpenID user extension or extend users
>> from Admin into pages. But that's a different thread.
> I completely agree. I wonder what Sean Cribb's perspective is on this?!
> I'd love to see him chime in.
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