as I told in a previous post 
( I'm actually using Andrew's 
extension to dump my Radiant layout for the following pourposes:

- backup & versioning:
via "rake file_system:save" I dump the layout onto the filesystem, than 
I make some html/css changes here and there, I git commit -a -m "New css 
layout bla, bla ...", and load the layout back into the DB via "rake 

- port my Radiant layout to the separate Rails app layout, which I like 
to look and feel the same way:
smoothly cat & past some dumped html/css files between the two 
applications modifying destination partials files name, and app/views 
dir scructure accordingly

That's working fine for me until now. I'm using radiant-0.6.9 as a gem,
and the commit commit 625ba8e31b7ffe3d9ca50019cf20bf942b9290c3
Author: Andrew Neil <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Date:   Thu Jul 31 07:19:04 2008 +0100

thanks Andrew

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