That seems correct. If you get the production log issue fixed, give us a pastie of the failure, or better yet, just ssh in and run Mongrel with script/server. If it fails to start, it should give you a stack dump of the failure.


OK, guys. I gave in to the hype about paperclipped, about how it will
make my whites whiter and make my food taste better and all that jazz.
Weeelllll, I need to get rid of page_attachments first, so I did, and
now my site won't start back up.

The process:

1) ssh into server and migrate page_attachments to VERSION=0
2) delete local copy from project
3) svn commit the the changes
4) cap deploy
5) remove the page_attachments entry in the production db (was id=1)
6) problems started

When I went back to my old pages in the web browser and refreshed them,
I got a very long lasting beach ball and the error "Application error
Rails application failed to start properly" shows up.

This is where it gets good: I tried to go to my production.log to get a
clue what was happening, but for some reason I told svn to ignore the
whole log folder when I started the project. Now I have no production
log to go to and my app won't start. I'll set that issue to the side for
a minute. I'll have to figure out how to coax svn to start using the log
directory again another time.

What I really need to know is, did I uninstall the page_attachments
extension improperly? Is there something that the extension added or
changed installed during the installation procedure that might be
keeping my app from working now that it no longer exists?

Any would certainly be appreciated.


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