> Well, I went back to the first version before I deleted the
> page_attachments plugin and I was able to use the site as normal, even
> after I migrated the extension back to VERSION=0. I restarted the server
> and the site behaved like it did before, and on the admin side the
> Attachments section was still visible on the bottom of each of the
> pages. I didn't try adding anything, it was enough for me that the site
> was loading properly.
> Everything changed however when I deleted the page_attachments
> extension. When I tried to start up the server, I got the following
> output: http://pastie.org/263392 . I am really at a loss here. Do you
> have any idea where I need to start looking to get this thing up and
> running again without page_attachments? I am totally confused.
> Thanks,
> Nate

Are you sure that all your pages do not have any "page_attachments" tags 
interpolated throughout the content?

P.S, Sorry if its a dumb question.
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