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I wrote:
> > look at the "protocol not supported" cause to debug this. The only thing
> > the migration does is to add a "searchable" field to the pages table in
> > the DB. I would venture a guess that perhaps DB communication via socket
> > is not working in your environment. (Only a guess!!)
> I've forgotten important thing that I worked in jail
> environment. Probably above caused by not to listen druby at
> 9010 port but I don't know how to listen this. In the first
> place where `druby://localhost:9010' in aaf_search act to ?
> mysql or other?

According to jail(8)

          The jail functionality binds an IPv4 address to each jail, and lim-
          its access to other network addresses in the IPv4 space that may be
          available in the host environment.  However, jail is not currently
          able to limit access to other network protocol stacks that have not
          had jail functionality added to them.  As such, by default, pro-
          cesses within jails may only access protocols in the following
          domains: PF_LOCAL, PF_INET, and PF_ROUTE, permitting them access to
          UNIX domain sockets, IPv4 addresses, and routing sockets.  To enable
          access to other domains, this MIB variable may be set to 0.

So I've changed to security.jail.socket_unixiproute_only: 1 -> 0 
in jail host and rake in web(jail environment)

[EMAIL PROTECTED]:~/radiant/openedu[142]% rake production 
(in /s/usr-home/admin/radiant/openedu)
rake aborted!
druby://localhost:9010 - #<Errno::ECONNREFUSED: Connection refused - connect(2)>

(See full trace by running task with --trace)
[EMAIL PROTECTED]:~/radiant/openedu[143]% 

From above the socket was opened but localhost refused
it. This issue is highly related by FreeBSD jail
environment ;)

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