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> Thanks, Nate.  So, to clarify because I'm dense:
> 1. I need to build an extension
> 2. The archives/docs should show me how.
> Will I need to learn git to do this?

They should. You only really need to know git if you are manging your code
in that system. The only thing you really need to know about git for
installing extensions is that to add an extension to your project from git
you use the clone url from the project like so: git clone
 . That will clone the git repo into
your extension folder. All of the rest of the info on extensions is on the
radiant website. Again, specific questions will usually get answered here.

> As you may suspect, my end goal is to get either the content alone or
> the stylized content (not sure which) from Radiant and display it in
> Flex via AMF.  I intend to do my own styling in Flex, but I would like
> any HTML markup that the user may have entered.
> Does this seem feasible?
It sounds like you may want to expose your pages from radiant as xml (use
the page type "XML"). Then you can use whatever you want on the front end to
read and style that file accordingly. I don't know how that figures into
RubyAmf and what it does, though.

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